You’ve probably seen the news and internet exploding with beautiful images of shipping container homes as cottages and cabins with spectacular views. In fact, its hard to go anywhere without seeing this emerging trend.

Many who know of container homes love these homes because of one simple reason: Their location. With the beautiful views and large windows, you can’t go wrong (I seriously want to move into one of these babies!).

I must admit, I have a huge guilty pleasure of browsing Pinterest for the latest container home designs! So sit back, relax, and continue reading to see my top 20 modern container homes of 2018.

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Before we begin….

What is a Container Homes?

If you are not already aware of this modern architecture trend, then you’re in luck because you’re about to get educated!

There are a different variety of container homes – most may know about shipping container homes which have been built using shipping containers (simple and economical right?!?).

These containers can be brand new or used but have additional add-ons (as you will see below), which are positioned in creative and innovative ways.

One great feature of these shipping homes (aside from their location), are their windows, which allow for mass amounts of natural light.

Modern Shipping Container Homes and Retreats

Copia Ecocabins

No. 20 This beautiful eco-friendly cabin is just to die for. With two shipping containers and wood panel detailing, this home is perfect for your cabin fever (and let’s not forget the wonderful view of the mountains all around).


No. 19 This home is a perfect combination of both a container home AND a tiny home. With a unique exterior color, dynamic angles and a small wooden deck, this container home in the woods is both cute and cozy (makes you want to make some s’mores, right?).

Valokuva Galleria

No. 18 This Finish take on a modern container home has me living (and hopefully you) for this simple black villa charmer.

LeMaster Architects

No. 17 This cubed container home by LeMaster Architectures has wonderful elements, such as the wood paneling on the side of the home, a small side balcony (let’s not forget the roof deck!), and large windows. This home is a beautiful addition in the heart of the city and has me wanting to move to Long Beach California NOW.

Hebergement Charlevoix

No. 16 I’m usually not one for the cold (or snow for that matter), but this small luxurious Scandinavian chalet surrounded by the forest has me packing my bags (and is pulling at my heartstrings with its cedar and black-clad exterior).

Vipp Shelter

No. 15 Vipp Shelter offers one major question to its clients – If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? (The answer is Sweden). This container home is smack dab in the middle of nature and offers a tranquil and relaxing retreat. If these large windows and view don’t entice you (I don’t know what will!).

A Blacka Frame

No. 14 Looking for a luxurious retreat to a cabin in the woods? Look no further. At Ablackaframe they offer this cabin as an Airbnb.

MB Architecture

No. 13 This may just look like an industrial shipping container with doors, but inside will have you speechless.

Whitaker Studio

No. 12 Can anyone say, UNIQUE? I just had to list this in my top 20 because I mean, hello? look at that stunning architecture! This innovative home has so many twists and turns to its structure that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing (and totally secluded).

Chris Tate Photo by Patrick Reynolds

No. 11 As you can see from the photo above, this stunning build is centered right in the middle of a tree stump and brings a whole new meaning to the word tree house.

Alex Nerovnya

No. 10 A simple yet stunning and luxurious cement container home, with large windows and a river view.


No. 9 A simple take on a container home, this outdoor retreat showcases the basics of shipping containers with an interior flare of Scandinavian design.

Olson Kundig

No. 8 This renovated 1959 home is located right in the heart of the Puget Sound forest in Longbranch, Washington. Its simple designs allow for its inhabitants to admire the true beauty of nature.

France Ducharme and Martin Dufour 

No. 7 Another retreat nestled within the forest. Mostly comprised of large windows and cherry oak, this woodland oasis allows you to take in the beautiful scenery 24/7!


No. 6 If one company knows anything about tiny homes, its Cargo Builders. Starting at $57,000 you can own one of these container homes or create your own.

Luciano Kruk Photography by Daniela Mac Adden


No. 5 Meant to blend in with its surroundings, this container home comprised of three parts is uniquely crafted and nestled right in Costa Esmeralda, Buenos Aires. Fancy a game of golf? Well, this plot of land is directly across from a golf range if you fancy a round.

Studio Joseph Photography by Elliott Kaufman

No. 4 A small studio cabin, with matte black cladding and large windows, offers a unique experience in the woods. Inside this retreat is a large fireplace (lovely for those winter days) and is paired with very minimal elements.

Glamuzina Architects Photography by Sam Hartnett

No. 3 A elevated container home with basic untouched elements of a shipping container. This original shipping container is renovated with modern touches, large windows, and a side balcony with a great view.

Officina29 Architetti

No. 2 This little bad boy is a separate extension of the woods in a garden of a pre-existing home. This build is extremely contemporary and supported by beams that make it appear as if it is floating within the trees.

Form and Forest

No. 1 Finally, a personal favorite of mine, a container home designed by Form and Forest. Secluded within the woods of British Columbia is a tiny home that is open as an Airbnb for any getaway retreat (definitely on my bucket list). Golden Bridge landed in my number one spot because of its large windows, angled roof and jutted side exteriors. Doesn’t this place just whisper relaxing and curling up by the fire with a good book in this cabin.


I can’t tell you how much joy I’ve gotten from not only writing this post but also sharing and researching many unique container and tiny homes. I hope you enjoy! More importantly…


Let me know what are some of your favourite container homes. Are they listed here?

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As always, I love to give shoutouts to the fabulous photographers on unsplash who dedicate their photos for free. Todays Photo by Robin Benzrihem on Unsplash


Don’t forget to 11 and 9.png


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