I’m sure you can find so many DIY pressed flower guides all over the internet, but today I wanted to show you my process and how my project turned out :)! Here are 4 easy steps to press flowers and turn them into art.

I recently graduated and I couldn’t stand to part with the roses that I received so I decided to not waste, but totally DIY them!

Step 1 – Collect

All you need for this simple DIY are roses (or any flower really). Your roses don’t necessarily have to be on the road to decomposing, you can also use freshly bloomed flowers! But don’t forget your frame, scissors, and a stack of magazines or any heavy weighted object to “press” down and flatten your roses.


Step 2 – Design away!

Now comes the fun part! Let that creativity shine and arrange your greenery and florals in any pattern that suits your fancy. Don’t be afraid to mix and match leaves and flowers into an aesthetically pleasing arrangement that you love.


Step 3 – Press


Now here is the hard part. Waiting (*sighs*). For completely dried and pressed roses, mine took about 10 days, however, you may need to leave yours in for longer (especially if they are freshly bloomed). A maximum of 2 weeks will work if your roses don’t dry during the 10 day period.

In order to press your flowers so that you can fit them perfectly into your picture frame, just get a stack of magazines, or books, and pile them (gently) on top of each other.

Step 4 – Transfer and Set

Last but not least, once your flowers have been pressed, carefully transfer them into your picture frame as shown to your right. One drawback that I did not account for when arranging my flowers was their background. If you decide to use a background image from a magazine, I recommend cutting out the page before pressing your flowers (this makes for easier transfers).

Step 5 – The final product!


…and voila! There you have it guys, your final product. For my background, I added a nice touch by writing the date and event on the lower left corner of my frame (thanks mom!).


I hope that you enjoyed this post, it is definitely very different from the usual direction of my blog.

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Until next time…






As always, I love to give shoutouts to the fabulous photographers on unsplash who dedicate their photos for free. Todays Photo Credit: Dana DeVolk on Unsplash


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