A LIFE UPDATE | Where I am and Where We’re Going


Hey guys, it’s Sara,

I’ve decided to give you guys a life update on what’s been going on and what my plans are. With everything going on, I wanted to take a moment of my time to write a blog since I feel that I’ve been unmotivated with my blog…

The Elephant in the Room

During the end of April, I spent most of my days relaxing after a very hectic end of the school year full of exams. The comeback of my blog also consumed all of my time, revamping my site and providing content that I was so excited about. As usual, life took over and being able to manage my blog, and my computer breaking on me (and finally getting it fixed!!) made me unable to devote my time and effort to creating content that has meaning that I want to share with you all.


What I’ve Been Up To

However, the month of May came in full force. I had just finished all of my school (phew finally :D), and recently celebrated a relaxing birthday with family. I also took the month of May writing blog posts and starting a garden (I enjoyed getting my hands dirty LOL). Unfortunately, writing quality content got the best of me when I fell severely ill that had me on bedrest for weeks (it was horrible), but I’m finally 100% better and made a speedy recovery. I also struggled with some personal issues that had left me feeling unhappy, but thank God for friends and family who did their absolute best to support me during this time.

Planting some forget-me-not’s in honor of Alzheimer sufferers.

Even though I was not as dedicated to my blog as I should have been, or wanted to be, being active on Pinterest was still my top priority. When I am not writing for my blog I like to take time to browse on Pinterest. Since both interior design and architecture are tremendously important to me as I continue to heal in many aspects of my life, I wanted to gain more topic ideas and insight for my blog. I must admit that I have been totally LOVING and OBSESSING over moody rooms and eclectic designs. Check out my Pinterest to see more, you’ll definitely fall in love with some amazing moody designs (I know I have :P).

Life Changes

Some HUGE life changes have occurred, after 4 years I finally graduated from University, YAY!! Graduation genuinely left me feeling nervous for the future and what’s to come, but also left me very excited for what’s in store for me. Living up North became my home and I met so many lovely people, especially my gerontology girls who I will miss dearly. However, I am so grateful for my experiences in these last 4 years that allowed me to grow and thrive.


Come this fall, I will be returning back to school (which I am super excited for), but I will also be working part-time and taking time to deliver quality content on my blog. Also, I do have a fun blog that I will be posting as soon as possible! It’s a fun DIY that strays a little bit away from interior design, a new direction that I want to explore minimally on my blog. If you are interested in seeing some more lifestyle posts on this blog, I am more than happy to type away!


Anyways, that’s enough rambling for today! What have you been up to recently?


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Until next time…



As always, I love to give shoutouts to the fabulous photographers on unsplash who dedicate their photos for free. Todays Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


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