I love a great white kitchen, but more attention needs to be had for moody interiors. Whether you prefer black in your granite or your cabinetry, it can seriously help you achieve a sleek looking kitchen.

New design trend people!! BLACK KITCHENS. Out with contemporary coloured kitchens, and white cabinetry and in with black kitchens (OK but not really HAHA). These kitchen trends are still very popular, however, the year 2018 coming up all BLACK.

Want to ride this trendy train? Here are some of our favourite ways to use matte black in your kitchen.

Black Textured Cabinetry

Carina Olander & Skapha

Textured black wood cabinetry adds a dramatic effect to this monochrome kitchen design. As a whole, this room works so well with the simple use of flamed birch wood to replace a modern backsplash. The external hardwares, the industrial light fixtures, and modern stove tie in with the monochrome kitchen to achieve a sleek, classy, and sharp kitchen.

Black Embellishments

Overall, an all black theme is very dramatic and a very bold choice for a kitchen scheme. Pairing a basic matte black kitchen’s cabinetry with a back feature wall, black appliances, and limited-to-none hardware really creates a bold and modern home.

Casa Vogue

Adding elements of whites, metals, and woods can also help to brighten up these darker spaces. The texture seen throughout the cabinetry below adds dimension and character to this kitchen.

Design at Sketch

Wood Details and Black Backsplashes

Patricia Goijens

Matte toned cabinetry with a black backsplash, and white trim around windows and ceiling, help to brighten up this space. Ornamental molding can also be seen in the image to the left which adds a lot of definition to black on black features.

Wild Hagen

Adding oak elements, for a focal piece and shelf lining, allows for these wonderfully crafted black metal cabinets to stand out but remain simple and clean in its execution.


Shout out to these fabulous designers who really make these black kitchens edgy and sleek! I am in love with these two different matte black designs, but I have to say I am digging the black matte backsplash as well by Patricia Goijens! – which one is your favorite?

Don’t forget to 10 to get constant access to new trends in interior design (and stay trendy :)!.

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As always, I like to give a shoutout to the wonderful photographers who give up their amazing photos for use. Todays Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

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