As the spring and eventually summer months begin to knock on our doors, the greater our urge to dust off that old patio furniture and spend every waking moment outdoors settles upon us.

Furnishing your front or back porch and backyard can be amazing ways to add additions for outdoor living that you’ll want to retreat to. Read more to find out how you can achieve these outdoor spaces in your own backyard.

All of the photos’ shown below can be found on my Pinterest account if any of you are interested in checking it out. Not only will these spaces inspire you, but they will also get you excited for the summer months that are just around the corner.

Here are some important aspects of creating an outdoor living space that are relaxing and serene that you can achieve in your own backyard.

Lights, lights, lights

In order to create a warm relaxing and calming outdoor space, you’ll have to transform the mood of the space. In order to create the right mood all you will need is some string lights and lanterns. Lighting, such as string lights, can be a statement piece for your outdoor spaces, I especially love when they are strung overtop of your seating areas

Paulina Arcklin 

Annette Nordstrom

Greenery – but aren’t I already outside?


I know this may sound odd, but adding more greenery than what the great outdoors already provides is a must. Bringing in small plants surrounding your furnishings can add a touch of vibrancy but is also an additional source of decoration. I like to think that your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor oasis and thus incorporating plants is crucial.

At my casa


Zevy Joy

One thing you CANNOT forget when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor retreat is comfy patio furniture. By bringing the indoors, out, you will be able to create the comfort of inside to your outdoor living spaces.

Add Pops of Colour


In order to create these relaxing spaces, using a colour palette that is neutral and creamy is a must, but adding additions of colour sparingly can add vibrancy and texture that you need to create the perfect outdoor space.

Apartment Therapy


What are some of your favorite elements of outdoor spaces?

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As always, I love to give shoutouts to the fabulous photographers on unsplash who dedicate their photos for free. Todays Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

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